If I Should Die

Investigation Discovery GO
S1 | E6 | Airdate: 05/07/2020
On October 9, 1995, in Greensboro, North Carolina, Reuben Blackley goes to check on his sister, Patricia Kimble, at the behest of her husband, Ted. Ted's at work and is concerned that his wife hasn't called to check in. When Reuben arrives at Patricia's home, he finds the place on fire. First responders extinguish the blaze and recover Patricia's badly burned body in what is clearly a case of arson. Even more alarming, they discover that she was shot in the head before the fire was set. Furthermore, her bedroom has been tossed in what is quickly determined to be a staged robbery. Police are soon asking themselves who would want to kill this devout Christian woman who didn't appear to have an enemy in the world. Husband Ted Kimble has an airtight alibi - he owns a building supply company but was working his second job at a place called Precision Fabrics when the murder occurred. However, he points authorities to some of his building supply employees, some of them ex cons who might have a grudge against him. There's also a female cousin of Patricia's who was apparently very jealous of her. The tangled web of suspects and motives is only untangled when Patricia's diary is recovered from the burned wreckage of her home, and paints a picture of deceit, betrayal, and deadly greed.