Fast N' Loud

SN 15 | EP 101 | Monkey Men

Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkeys pack a whole season of highlights and low blows, burnouts and outtakes into one supercharged hour. They revisit their biggest projects of last year, including their first-ever "guest builds," like the 1934 Ford they took on with celebrated hot rod builder Brian Bass. Battling through setbacks and deadlines, the end result was so spectacular that Bass was invited to team up with the Monkeys on an ongoing basis. Another first: the one and only "tuner" car build that the Monkeys have taken on, a 1975 Datsun 280Z, this time with award-winning builder Big Mike. The destination for this Z was none other than SEMA, the biggest aftermarket car show in the world. The stakes get even higher when they build a 200-mph Pantera for NASCAR champion Kurt Busch. The kitcar-turned-supercar is headed for track for a grudge match between Bush and Joey Logano, winner of the Daytona 500.The Monkeys need to get up to speed fast on the sophisticated science of aerodynamics for the car to handle the stresses of the race with a world-class driver at the wheel, and a chance for bragging rights at the checkered flag. The Monkeys also try to measure up to hot rod royalty as they take on a rebuild of the one-and-only "Krew Kut" dually truck rod that was parked on every magazine cover of the 1990s. Their biggest build, literally, was the gigantic '73 Chevy Step Van that painter Mike Coy compared to "building a house" on wheels. The most expensive was the '59 Ford F100 that they transformed into a flagship truck for Shiner Bock, to the tune of $150,000 and a case of beer. In addition to rare outtakes and an even rarer shouting match that erupted between two overstressed Monkeys, Richard and the crew relive the Gas Monkey Games. This sports spectacular pitted the Monkeys against the Misfits from "Fired Up," featuring events such as Human Bowling and Underwear Curling. Warning: these scenes not suitable for Sensitive Persons or those with a low Cringe Tolerance.

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Fast N' Loud