Shifting Gears

SN 2 | EP 6 | The Race of Gentlemen

It's the night before Aaron Kaufman and his builders are set to leave for The Race of Gentlemen and Aaron discovers while test driving his Model A Dragster - it has no brakes. So Willis and Jeremy adjust the brake shoes and drum to fix the problem. The Race of Gentlemen or TROG as it's known, is an annual car show where a mix of classic American motorcycles and hot rods from the 30's, 40's and 50's drag race at high speeds in the sand on the Jersey Shore. The gang hits the road for Jersey but ends up stopping in Tennessee for a quick tour of Marathon Motor Works the first turn-of-the-century car company in the South. When they finally arrive at The Race of Gentlemen on the beach in Wildwood New Jersey - hundreds of classic cars and thousands of pumped-up people are there. Aaron Kaufman is truly in his element as car enthusiasts as far as the eye can see converge with their creations to see and been seen. After tech inspection, TROG's celebrated creator Mel Stultz holds a safety meeting where he implores all drivers to be extra careful because they already have one accident under their belt so far and they don't want anyone else to get hurt. Jason cautiously drives the Model A to the beach but waiting in traffic almost makes the engine overheat. But first up are the motorcycle exhibition races. Aaron's Harley does amazingly well and he jokes he should quit while he's ahead and not race the dragster at all. He ends this wonderful day with having dinner with Gene Winfield, a 91-year old legendary automotive customizer who has built cars for TV shows like Batman and Star Trek. The next day Aaron tries his luck with his Model A dragster. After he does a test run, he quickly realizes that he needs a new starter. Jason goes on the hunt for a starter and luckily one patron has a spare. Though, equipped with a starter, it doesn't help Aaron in the long run, because he doesn't have enough traction in the sand and loses the race. While Aaron waits to run his motorcycle in the bracket race, sadly TROG comes to an abrupt end after a competitor from Japan, Sushi, wipes out on his motorcycle and is injured pretty badly. But Aaron is grateful to have participated and to have gotten as far as he did. Aaron looks back on this season of Shifting Gears and marvels at how far and how fast he's come. From building and racing the Scout at King of the Hammers, the Semi Truck at Pikes Peak, the Subaru at the Olympus Rally, culminating with the Model A dragster at TROG - each build and journey has been so different and unique, he can't wait to see what's next.

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Shifting Gears