Digimon Adventure

SN 2 | EP 50 | A Million Points of Light

The six DigiDestined, assisted by DigiDestined all over the world and Oikawa's gathered children, destroy MaloMyotismon by revealing their hopes and dreams which weaken him to the point he loses his physical form before Imperialdramon extinguishes the evil Digimon for good with his Giga Crusher attack. Oikawa, on the verge of death as Cody tried to get him into the Digital World, uses the power of the dream dimension to become data and restore the DigiWorld to its original state. Twenty-five years later, when everyone in the Real World has a Digimon partner, both groups of DigiDestined are grown and their kids now hold the responsibility of protecting the worlds.

Available: STARZ

Digimon Adventure
Season 2