Drag Me Down the Aisle

SN 1 | EP 101 | Drag Me Down the Aisle

When Emily, an Amish Country bride, doesn't feel like a princess in the ill-fitting gown her mother bought her, she calls in her team of Drag Queen wedding experts who whisk her away on a wedding adventure full of surprises. On the road to her big day, she'll get a new dress, new look and newfound confidence as these unlikely experts go to work helping her find her voice, her beauty and her inner queen. But not everyone in conservative Lancaster, Pennsylvania is convinced her new friends are right for the job, especially Emily's Father, whose traditional values have him skeptical of the whole affair. The Queens work extra hard hoping to change hearts and minds through their support of Emily. Everywhere her fairy drag-mothers go, they color Amish Country with light, love and fabulosity! With the help of her new friends, Emily brushes off her boring and finds herself strutting down the aisle like the Queen she always had hiding inside.

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Drag Me Down the Aisle
Season 1