90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

SN 1 | EP 12 | Baby, Come Back

Sumit returns home to placate his parent's demands. After being left alone for over a week, Jenny grows restless from being stuck in the apartment. Fearing the uncertainty of Sumits return, she goes out to try and find a job. While at the job placement agency, Jenny attempts to talk with an agent who doesn't speak English. Jenny quickly realizes that not having Sumit around to help translate makes it impossible to communicate. She is going to have a harder time trying to find work in a country where she doesn't speak the language. Later, Jenny leaves her apartment and heads to a cybercafé to chat with her daughter Cristina. She's feeling lonely and needs a friendly face to talk to. Jenny reveals to her daughter that Sumit went back home to his parents' house and has left her all alone. Cristina isn't happy that Sumit broke his promise to never leave her mom. She questions Jenny whether he's going to come back. Jenny feels abandoned and wonders if she made a mistake. A few days later, Sumit is able to sneak out of his parent's house to meet with Jenny. Although she is happy to see him, she's upset that once again he's broken his promise to her. The couple gets into an argument on the street after Jenny reveals that she's left the apartment at night. "It's not safe at night for a blond hair, blue-eyed lady." Jenny doesn't care and demands Sumits come home. It's the morning of Deavan's C-section and she's feeling nervous because Jihoon was unable to move up his flight to be with her for the birth of their baby. Jihoon, who is in South Korea, is watching the surgery through video chat, but the guilt of his absence hits him hard. The surgery is a success and Jihoon and Deavan are proud parents of a bouncing baby boy, Taeyang. Everyone is overjoyed including Jihoon's parents. It's been two weeks since the baby's been born and Jihoon is arriving back in the United States, to meet his baby. He is overwhelmed with emotions when he holds Taeyang in his arms for the first time. One week into Tiffany and Ronald marriage and the happy couple are ready to expand their family. So, they're looking for a place where they can call home. Tiffany and Ronald go to a real estate agency to go over there living options. They learn that Ronald's future income from the Wellness Center won't take them very far. Tiffany quickly learns that safety in SA is an added feature, that's currently out of their price range. Back at Ria's house, the couple starts to argue about what's best for them as a family. Tiffany expresses her concerns about safety regarding Daniel and future child and feels that she should try to get Ronald a US visa even though his chances are slim due to his criminal record. Paul and Karine have been in Tonantins for three weeks and have moved into their new home. The couple decided to move into the cheaper more affordable home, since Paul isn't working. Karine is concerned and doesn't think that Paul will be able to take care of her and the baby. The pair get into an argument and Paul threatens to get a divorce. During the heat of the fight, Paul takes off his ring, which Karine snatches and walks away. Karine is starting to reach the end of her rope with the constant bickering.

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way
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