NASA's Unexplained Files

SN 6 | EP 8 | Did Aliens Nuke Mars?

SPACE SORCERER: The man who kick-started America's rocket program was a Satanist, who believed quantum theory could blend science and black magic to produce incredible results. Was the explosion that killed him the work of natural or supernatural powers? NUKES ON MARS: A former NASA physicist looks at atmospheric data from a Mars probe and comes to a terrifying conclusion: life on the Red Planet was ended out by a nuclear war, 300 million years ago. Is this shocking theory right? EARTH SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL: The polar axis of the Earth is shifting, and scientists discover it's because the world is being thrown off its balance by the frenzied building activities of China and India. What can America do to stop being pushed down towards the equator and becoming an arid desert? ALIEN STAR SAILOR: Does a strange burst of energy, detected by astronomers, reveal the existence of alien star ships with enormous sails, propelled by blasts of radio waves? NOVA SAPIENS: Proxima B, an exoplanet in a tantalizingly close star system, offers a new future for humanity. But would this alien planet's weird cocktail of chemicals and other previously unencountered physical hazards mutate the colonizers into a new species of human?

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NASA's Unexplained Files